marketing analysis
making a hit with your advertising campaign

We firmly believe that effective marketing actions are based mainly on knowledge of our client and solid understanding of the market in which it operates. Therefore we have developed a method of research and creative thinking that allows us to assess the uniqueness of our client and suggest marketing strategies fitted to its own commercial situation. The marketing analysis is the foundation of all subsequent marketing decisions.

Here is how we proceed from the marketing analysis
Step 1: Questionnaire
Step 2: Research and Analysis
Step 3: Presentation of the conceptual marketing design
Step 4: Strategic Recommendations
Step 5: Assessment with the client
Step 6: Developpement of the Action Plan
Step 7: Production
Step 8: Evaluation

// consultation and marketing analysis
// coaching and marketing training
// market research
// poll
// newsgroup

// marketing plan
// marketing strategies
// marketing solutions for SMEs

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